Rental providers have certain responsibilities for gas safety. Gas appliances need to be regularly checked and maintained. Rental providers should make sure that gas appliances are working safely. These checks must be completed by a licenced or registered gasfitter with the additional endorsement on that licence to Service and Maintain Type A Gas Appliances.

These checks must be completed once every 2 years.


Gas Safety & Compliance obligations have significantly increased for Victorian landlords as the draft changes to the Residential Tenancy Act 1997 (Vic) became law on March 29, 2021

As an owner, you have a duty of care to your renters that, under the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic), shall include completing regular safety checks of various services including gas and electrical services at your property by a properly qualified professional.

A gas safety check is more than just a carbon monoxide test and is not just an appliance service. A gas safety check includes the service and testing of all gas installations and fittings within the property.

Under the new regulations, effective 29 March 2021:
  • The owner must ensure a gas safety check of all gas installations and fittings is conducted every 2 years by a licensed or registered gasfitter. (The gasfitter will require a license/registration for ‘Type A Servicing’)
  • The owner must provide the renter with the date of the most recent safety check upon request
  • If a gas safety check has not been conducted within the last 2 years the owner must arrange one as soon as practicable upon a renter occupying the premises.

A record of a gas safety check must include the following information:
  • The name of the licensed or registered gasfitter who conducted the check
  • The licence or registration number of the licensed or registered gasfitter who conducted the check
  • The date the check was conducted
  • The results of the check, including any repairs that were required and actions taken to address the repair


Gas safety checks are crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of gas appliances and systems. While every effort is made to perform a thorough inspection and address potential safety concerns, it is important to understand that unforeseen issues may still arise. The assessment is based on the condition of the equipment and pipelines at the time of inspection, and changes can occur after the evaluation. We recommend that gas safety checks be conducted by qualified and certified professionals to reduce risks associated with gas-related incidents. It is also important to conduct regular follow-up checks and maintenance to maintain safety and compliance.